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Cheering Audience at Concert

Country Night

saturday 06.25
Doors open
5:30 PM

$20/ticket |

12 & under free

Ned LeDoux will be the star of our Saturday Country Concerts


LeDoux is well respected for his high-energy live shows that mix his western roots with the rock and roll influences he acquired in his youth. He routinely headlines his own shows as well as earning coveted opening slots for Toby Keith, Aaron Watson and Garth Brooks. “We opened for Garth at the 125th anniversary for Cheyenne frontier Days last July which was crazy,” he says. “When people are coming out to our shows and spending their hard-earned money on a ticket, I don’t want to leave them disappointed. We’re going to give you a show and leave you wanting more. I’m always out of breath and soaking wet when we’re done, but it’s so much fun!”

Ned LeDoux is carrying on the family tradition, but he’s also charting his own course, and Buckskin is the latest step on that journey. “I hope I inspire people to never forget where you came from,” he says. “That’s one thing I’m very proud of. I’m carrying on a tradition, but I’m writing my own story. I’m very proud of my family and friends and there’s one piece of advice my mom gave me when we were kids: ‘Never forget where you came from and show respect to people no matter where you are.’ So with this album I hope to inspire and show people, ‘Hey this old cowboy isn’t changing for nobody.’ I want people to know they should never give up on a dream. There’s always time. Just keep on going.”

Tim Montana 1.jpg

Raised in the wilds near Butte, Montana, Tim Montana (yes, it’s his real name), entered the world as an off-the-grid thrill-seeker. He and his buddies would take to the nearby mountains to fish, hunt and raise hell as an escape from their rustic home lives — Montana grew up without electricity. Soon, however, he sought out a different high: the kind that only comes from performing live music. Eager to perfect the guitar playing he began when he was just 6 years old, he moved to Los Angeles to put his time in studying his craft.


When he ended up in Nashville, where he formed his band the Shrednecks and established himself as a thrilling live performer. He’s a gregarious personality and struck up friendships with such diverse figures as Kid Rock and the Navy SEAL who led the raid to take down Osama bin Laden, Rob O’Neill. In Kid Rock, Montana found a kindred rebel spirit and began one of his most prolific creative periods, opening for the rap-rock icon and co-writing two charting singles for Rock’s Sweet Southern Sugaralbum: the Top 10 country hit “Tennessee Mountain Top” and the Number 16 rock anthem “Greatest Show on Earth.”


Jared Rogerson is an American singer/songwriter whose western roots have blossomed into a distinct cowboy-rock vibe. With his sonic fusion of country, Americana, rock and folk, he paints a contemporary and complicated rural West. His well-crafted lyrics contemplate themes of choice and consequence with a hard honesty ranging from heavy to lighthearted. His studio recordings and live performances deliver truth infused with a genuine authenticity his listeners deserve. With five albums under his belt and over a decade spent on stage, Jared has pleased audiences across the western U.S and Europe. He engages his listeners on a personal level, taking them for an energy-packed ride full of original songs and the stories behind them. He is backed by his full band, the Rodeo Wreck, and also performs regularly as a solo act. Jared makes his home near Pinedale, Wyoming.

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